Recipes from free-from food manufacturers

spicy cobbler

Oatly Spicy Vegetable Cobbler

Manufacturers of free-from foods, and especially those who make ingredients and mixes, spend a great deal of effort and ingenuity devising recipes for their products - many inviting top chefs to apply their skills to the challenges of cooking gluten, dairy or egg free.

Below you will find links to some of these recipes chosen specially by the manufacturers for us.

Please click on the manufacturer's name to check out their recipes.

Oatly's recipes
Organic and non-organic dairy products ('milks' and 'creams') made of oats instead of milk. All products are milk- and soya-free, and most of them are entirely vegetable-based.

Delamere Dairy recipes
Roger and Liz Sutton named their dairy after Cheshire’s beautiful Delamere Forest where they started their first herd…with just three goats! Today, over 20 years later, so huge is the demand for their products, that family goat farmers from across Britain help with supplies of milk. Fresh and UHT goats' milk, goats' butter, goats' yogurts and a wide range of goats' cheese are available in shops across the UK.

Provamel recipes
A fully organic premium range of vegetarian, dairy free, plant-based foods and drinks including alternatives to milks, desserts and custards, - available solely and exclusively through independent health food retailers. Apart from being 100% organic, Provamel is committed to sustainable production and ethical and environmental responsibility.

Mrs Crimble's recipes
Mrs Crimbles is one of the UK's fastest growing wheat, gluten and dairy free cake and biscuit companies now offering not only the traditional Mrs Crimble's macaroons but rice and corn cakes, crackers and snacks, cake slices, loaf cakes and cookies, frozen fruit pies and bread, pastry and cake mixes.


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